Apple Devices

Step 1.

Open the App Store and Download

IPTV-Smarters Player

(There are a few different versions, so make sure you download this one)

Step 2.

Open the app & enter your info

Any Name– If you have this option, type in your name

Username & Password– Provided on checkout, also sent to email (may be in junk folder)

URL– Enter exactly what’s in this picture

Then click Add User.

Step 3.

Click your username.

Step 4.

After “Downloading EPG Data”

Parental Control- Click Skip

Step 5.

Click LIVE for Live TV.

To update TV Guide info, click Update EPG.

Note: This is a live TV service, so Movies, Series, and Catch Up buttons won’t work

Live TV

After clicking Live TV you will see a list of categories. Pick the one you want and it will bring you to the next screen.

Watching TV

Click a channel.

To make a channel full screen click on the channel playing.

Tip: If showing No Information, try going back home and Update EPG