Android Devices

Step 1.

Open your web browser, type in this URL

After it downloads, click open CLASSIC.apk

Step 2.

Click Install

Step 3.

Click Settings

Step 4.

Enable Allow from this source.

Step 5.

The app should now install.

Step 6.

When finished, click Open


Any Name– Type in your name

Username & Password– Provided on checkout, also sent to email (may be in junk folder)

Then click ADD USER.


Next, Click your account


Now it will  start “Downloading Channels, Movies and Series”

This process may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection

Home Screen

After clicking Live TV you will see a list of categories. After you choose one, you will see a list of channels.

Tip: If showing No Information, try going back home and click TV GUIDE

Note: This is a live TV service, so Movies, Series, and Catch Up buttons won’t work