TiVo 4K

Step 1.

Click Apps.

If you have Downloader app already installed, open it and proceed to Step 9

Step 2.

Click Google Play Store.

Step 3.

Click Search in the top right.

Step 4.

Type in Downloader

Click Downloader

Step 5.

Click Install.

Step 6.

Click Open.

Step 7.

Click Allow.

Step 8.

Click Ok.

Step 9.

Type in the URL


Then click Go.

Step 10.

The download will begin. 

Please wait.

Step 11.

You will now see this screen.


Step 12.

Click Downloader to allow it to install unknown sources apps.

Step 13.

Click Install.

Step 14.

Click Install.

Step 15.

You will now see the app installing.

Step 16.

When the app is finished installing click Open.

Step 17.

Click Login.

Step 18.

Click Account Login

Step 19.

Any Name– type in your first name

Username & Password– Provided on checkout, also sent to email (may be in junk folder)

*Username & Password are case sensitive


Click Next

Step 20.

You will now see this screen.

Wait a few moments as the playlist is processing.

Step 21.

You will now see this screen.

Click Done.

Put the remote down and wait a few minutes.

Step 22.

When you see this screen click OK

Step 23.

You will now see the guide.

It is very important that you do not start clicking around!

Even if you see the info loaded, Give it a few minutes.

If you don’t, the app will crash.

If after 5 minutes it still says “No Information” continue on.

Step 24.

After you’ve waited a few minutes, you can proceed to play around with the app.

Select Channel twice to make full screen.

Click left (twice) to bring up the categories. Select your category to scroll through the channels.

These steps are optional, but recommended

Step 25a. 

When on a channel, Press select button on remote. Scroll Down twice

Step 25b.

Scroll all the way to the right and select Settings

Step 25c.

Select General

Setp 25d.

Turn on Confirm exit by second press Back


Exit by pressing back button on remote twice

Installation is complete!